Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Little Fire

My little fire…

And that is what your name literally means. Aiden Kai: Little fire, rejoice… and rejoice is exactly what I did with you came into my life.

My fortune baby, given from the universe, how honored I am that you chose me to nurture you in this lifetime. You are such a precious bundle of joy. My heart ached with happiness when I first stared upon your face.

That first smile was almost my undoing… your babbles and coos are imprinted in my mind. Those first slips as you wobble and fell, send happiness coursing through my veins… oh, how great this is that you are in my life!

The funny face you made the first time you flew through the air on the playground swing, the pride I felt as you diligently climbed on and off the couch, that mischievous look you get in your eyes when you decide to explore the “forbidden zones”

My little fire…

I promise to always do my best for you. I promise to always protect you while giving you the freedom to reach your full potential. I promise to be there to comfort you. I promise to read to you, sing to you, make silly faces for you, tell you crazy and funny jokes. I promise to make time for you… no matter what, and I promise to always respect you as your own person. I promise to set reasonable limits for you… limits that will help you to grow into a superb human being.

My little fire…

Words cannot express the depth of my love for you… So I promise to show you how much I love you every single second of your life.

My little fire…

The only responsibility I bestow on you is to play, have fun and be the best little boy you can be!

I love you Aiden... my little fire!